The Dead Sea Scrolls

by Giuseppe Guarino


The discovery of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls took place in the middle of the 20th Century but the meaning of their witness is still open field for theories and suggestions.

It was in 1947 that, by mere chance, a shepherd found some manuscripts inside a cave near the Dead Sea. Further investigation of the site led to the discovery of ten other caves which brought back to light a treasure of long lost documents dating from 250 BC to 68 DC. Continue reading “The Dead Sea Scrolls”

David Rohl, the Amarna letters and the new Chronology

Giuseppe Guarino


A new book has been just published by the Egyptologist and archeologist David Rohl: “EXODUS, MYTH OR HISTORY?” We can only hope to see it translated in Italian as soon as possible.

The picture of the cover of the book here to the left, has been taken from the website where you can buy the book and learn about the movie on the same topic, “Patterns of Evidence”, recently released in the United States. Continue reading “David Rohl, the Amarna letters and the new Chronology”